The 2022 California State Fair will feature its first-ever cannabis exhibit

When you think about the California State Fair, what comes to mind? Many would say the fried food, rides, games, and livestock competitions.

Well, you can now add cannabis to that list.

For the first time ever, the State Fair is featuring the California Cannabis Exhibit.

Attendees must be 21 years and older to go inside the exhibit hall, and no commercial cannabis sales or on-site commercial cannabis consumption is permitted. Admission is included in your general state fair ticket; you do not need to pay extra.

Organizers say the exhibit aims to educate the public on the cannabis plant, its history, and where the cannabis industry is headed in our state.

Fifty-five speakers, as well as farmers and experts will be on hand to run the multiple displays.

You can also meet the winners of the “Golden Bear Awards.” More than 300 entries were evaluated for this year’s competition, and a total of 60 trophies and medals were awarded.

“It’s all science-based, lab-tested competition,” Brian Applegarth, who helped produce the first-ever exhibit, told KCRA 3. “Literally with each competition winner, there’s a scientific lab test where you can see the different therapeutic chemical compounds that exist in that unique varietal.”

Experts, organizers, farmers, and dispensaries say the existence of this exhibit is significant for their industry.

“It shows how far we’ve come that we’re willing and ready to have something like this that can help education the population about how important this industry is to the state,” Danny Kress said.

He represents A Therapeutic Alternative, one of the dispensaries in Sacramento.