Cannabis Exhibition To Be Held At 2022 California State Fair

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — For the first time ever, a cannabis exhibition will be held at the California State Fair.

The cannabis industry generates an estimated $4 billion in sales. That’s why Brian Applegarth helped coordinate the first-ever cannabis exhibition at the fair to educate the public about the industry and showcase award-winning companies.

“We came up with three divisions: Indoor cultivation, mixed-light cultivation, and outdoor cultivation,” Applegarth said. “Under that, we have 10 award categories — seven of which are more terpene-essential oil focused. And three of which are more cannabinoid focused like CBDA, which many people are familiar with today.”

Aaron Salles’ cannabis company MOCA only launched his brand this spring and is already being honored for its indoor growing operations.

“For us as a business, it means a lot because it’s difficult in this industry with the financial challenges we are up against — whether it be taxes, business structure, or licensing,” Salles said.

Phil Crews with Mendocino Family Farm called the invitation the highlight of his career.

“This means everything to our family, to come down here and win the gold medal for the THCA category in the outdoor,” Crews said.

Cannabis is the only commercial product in the US to be taxed at the farm, which some growers have called “unworkable.” But the recent passage of SB-195 repealed that flat tax, leading to the opportunity to grow for the 7,500 cultivators statewide.

“This provided much-needed tax relief on the regulated industry and positions California’s commercial cannabis producers for eventual interstate and international trade,” said Genine Coleman with Origins Council.

The California State Fair & Food Festival starts on Friday and runs until July 31. Unfortunately, fair attendees will not be able to get samples during the event.