Owner & Cultivator ,Mendocino Family Farm

At Mendocino Family Farm, our family is the heart of our farm. We built our solar and hydro-powered farm on the south facing slopes in Mendocino County to pursue our passion for cannabis cultivation, and raise our two daughters. Through our 40 years of experience, we have learned how we can work with the ecosystem to produce the best strains while being one with the land. Our two daughters went off to college to study sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation and now contribute their knowledge of wild plants and animals to implement pollinator friendly hedgerows and to provide habitat for wildlife. Together we strive to promote the support of small local cannabis farms through social media and policy when possible.

Get to know PHIL

What does it mean to you for cannabis to be added to the California State Fair’s roster of annual competitions?

This competition means that there is more mainstream public awareness of all the medicinal uses that cannabis has to offer. It’s very personal to me having spent time incarcerated in CA for growing cannabis. Now being able to compete amongst my fellow farmers is about freedom for the people and freedom for this amazing plant.


What do you think makes the California cannabis landscape/industry unique?

CA cannabis is unique the same way that our wines are unique in our state. Starting with the coastal influence which brings in the cool air at night and warm autumn days.
This along with the rich soil that is available to us is perfect condition for cannabis. The most unique cannabis today in my opinion comes from the small family farms in Northern California that grow small batches sustainably and regeneratively in native soils.


What’s one thing you wish more people knew about cannabis?

The first thing I wish people would know is that small scale, sun grown cannabis in live native soils tended to with sustainable and regenerative practices is where you will find the highest quality cannabis in CA.