John Casali

Owner/Operator, Huckleberry Hill Farms

My name is Johnny Casali. I’m a second generation  cannabis farmer cultivating in Southern Humboldt on the same piece of property I was raised. In honor of my mom, all the strains grown her are strains she grew with me 45 years ago.

Get to know John

Q: What excites you about cannabis being added to the annual competitions at the California State Fair?

A: Having a cannabis competition at the California State Fair is elevated and recognizing our life’s work as something prestigious!

Q: What do you think makes the California cannabis landscape/industry unique?

A: As a fairly new legacy industry, We’re finding out so many ways to cultivate this amazing plant and harness the power in which it holds.

Q: What’s ONE thing you wish more people knew about cannabis?

A: I wish people knew that is more  important to “know you’re a farmer”.  then it is to worry about the THC percentage.