James Cunningham
Founder and CEO, Fog City Farms
California legacy cannabis grower with over 17 years of experience. I built my company from the ground up, developing a unique grow platform in the indoor cannabis market that can expand to all indoor horticulture.
Get to know James

Q: What excites you about cannabis being added to the annual competitions at the California State Fair?

A: The California State Fair has long recognized many amazing talents in the state, from baking and art, to wine and beer. Cannabis is a fast growing industry in California, providing many new jobs and opportunities for a vast number of people. Adding cannabis in the competitions is exciting as it recognizes the legitimacy of this industry and I believe it is going to help push forward the normalizing of cannabis.

Q: What do you think makes the California cannabis landscape/industry unique?

A: California has some of the best conditions in the world for cannabis growing, and therefore has many legacy growers that have been in the game for a very long time. Many cannabis companies in California are run by people who have vast knowledge and experience and therefore often produce some of the best flower our there.

Q: What’s ONE thing you wish more people knew about cannabis?

A: One thing I wish more people knew about cannabis is all of the medicinal benefits (some known, some still being studied) that this plant can provide. Terpenes and cannabinoids (not JUST THC) all work together to deliver a lot of incredible effects in the human body. I hope for the day that people pick strains to smoke because of the flavor and benefits they need at that time and not just the highest THC percentage.