Feed that sweet tooth some Peach Ringz—July’s Leafly HighLight strain

Peach Ringz powers this Team Elite Genetics Pearadise (Peach Ozz x Kosher Kush) (David Downs/Leafly)

Peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches-peaches—I love you, oh.

Anyone who wants to smoke hype weed while keeping the summer at a high vibration should not sleep on good batches of the hybrid strain Peach Ringz.

This July from coast to coast, Peach Ringz delivers sour, stone fruit, and fuel terps with party hybrid effects. We’re psyched to see Peach Ringz approach the top 200 most-stocked strains in North American dispensaries and stores—it’s got a champion pedigree and remains trendy among breeders.

Dentists may hate us for this, but Peach Ringz wins our Leafly HighLight for July.

Peach Ringz from UpNorth, via Purple Star, SF. (David Downs/Leafly)

Leading flavor-shaper Dying Breed Seeds made Peach Ringz by adding more fruit from the strain Marionberry to the fuel and power of Eddy OG. Seeds of it sold for $750, creating a wave that continues to this day with Compound Genetics’ Gummiez, and Tiki Madman’s Hawaiian Plushers. Peach Ringz sells out as a popular flavor in distillate pens and disposables nationwide but really shines as a top-shelf flower and live rosin in California. 

Peach Ringz rocks a 4.2 out of 5 review score on Leafly, but the best examples are 5s all day. Vape-makers fake the terp profile a lot, so seek out the real thing, which can smell like peach, apricot, and mango, with sour power from the OG and peachy sweetness from the Marionberry. The hybrid tests at 21%, but that’s plenty. The terps and other compounds make the effect deep and groovy, as opposed to a shallow, anxious THCA dab, for example.

Hits harder than the THC content would lead you to believe.

Leafly reviewer

Rolling up Peach Ringz at the sesh conveys taste and style. A Leafly reviewer states, “I’ve been a heavy smoker for over 10 years and come across Peach Ringz before. I’ve never smelt a strain as good, the smell and taste is unbelievably peachy 10/10 if you like your fruity strains.”

Peach Ringz mixes light and dark green with dapples of purple and red pistils. Buds are lobular, spear-like, and dense. The smell can have a more muted grass front, but just pinch the bud to pop some trichomes and a 7-Eleven sweets aisle unfurls in your nostrils. 

Reviewers report getting happy, focused, and tingly on the cultivar. But newbies should chug water and pick a safe place to avoid a headache and anxiousness from all that THC power.

How much does Peach Ringz cost?

Peach Ringz in fine flower form. (David Downs/Leafly)

Peach Ringz can sell cheap in a distillate pen or it can be fancy from legacy Emerald Triangle growers who know their crop. Northern California’s best includes UpNorth’s $45 eighths of legit Peach Ringz flower from the hills of Humboldt. We also have $40 grams of mid-grade carts and disposables. Los Angeles stores skew more toward cartridges, but grab the Stone Road brand Sour Peach Ringz infused pre-rolls, or Punch Extracts’ tier 3 rosin for $40. In Portland, Peach Ringz flower is cheaper, while in Seattle, distillate tanks abound. Here are some more prices below.

Peach Ringz spot prices around the US

1 gram of flower 1 gram vape
Denver, CO$8N/A
Oklahoma City, OK$4$25
Buffalo, NY$10$33

Peach Ringz seeds

Peach Ringz by Node Labs. (Courtesy Compound Genetics)

Two big facts indicate Peach Ringz has the juice. First off, Dying Breed Seeds selected and named Peach Ringz from a cross of Marionberry and Eddy OG. The originals sold out at $750 per pack on Platinum Seedbank. (You can grow Dying Breed Seeds’ latest for about $350 a pack.) Other breeders have made four generations of crosses from it. Peach Ozz went into the winning strain Pearadise. Compound Genetics/Node Labs worked with Peach Ringz to make Gummiez, as well as Jokerz C*ndy. Breeder Tiki Madman has $250 crosses, and Masonic Seeds sells Sour Peach Ringz (Karma Genetics’ Sowahh Sour D Bx2 x Peach Ringz) at the crazy bargain of $30. Both Ethos Genetics and Zephyr Seeds also sell crosses of the varietal.

Peach Ringz awards

Peach Ringz took 3rd place at the 2017 Secret Cup in the extract category. More broadly, breeder Dying Breed Seeds—or the seeds they make—wins trophies regularly. Peach Ringz isn’t entered in many contests right now, but its parents and children are.

Peach Ringz terpenes

Peach Ringz’s aroma molecules look a lot like popular modern exotics. Lab tests of samples labeled Peach Ringz show the average bag is limonene-dominant on a caryophyllene chassis, with flourishes of linalool. We’d expect citrus, fuel, and floral notes from those terps, and Peach Ringz translates that as sour, pungent, and floral. 

Other highlights this July

Can’t find Peach Rings in your shop? Chill. Here are three more strains that satisfy a sweet tooth.

Purple Candie

Purple Candie by CAM. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

You can’t even use the word ‘c*ndy’ in a lot of legalization states, so the brand CAM in Cali tapped on their temples and named their Runtz x Jealousy cross ‘candie.’ The bulk market has gone wild for it—people want purple sweets and gas, all day. Leafly Strain of the Year 2020 (Runtz) and 2022 (Jealousy) combine in a cultivar that delivers exactly what its name promises: grape, sugar confection, and that indica hybrid effect.

Rainbow Belts x Now N Later

Clearwater Genetics Rainbow Belts x Now N Later, grown by Ember Valley. (David Downs/Leafly)

It’s a name that’s destined for some regulatory pushback, but Ember Valley has perfected growing this explosively sweet hybrid from breeder Clearwater Genetics. The light-green weed entices the nose with a rainbow of confection and it hits just as sweet. This sizzling top-shelf has strong THC scores and intense sativa-hybrid effects. 


Bubblegum Gelato by Heights brand. (David Downs/Leafly)

July is for mellow Gelatos. Supreme Gelato from Martyjuana just took home gold in California State Fair Cannabis Awards. And Bubblegum Gelato from indoor LA growers Heights bested about 50 other bags to become my July 4 road trip buddy. Smoke a little to sizzle. Smoke a lot to nod off. Gelato’s good from wake and bake till bedtime. It’s the modern benchmark for terps, taste, and a versatile hybrid effect. This July, Gelato does not miss.