CA Cannabis Exhibit

2023 Overview

The 2nd edition of the CA State Fair Cannabis Awards will feature the “California Cannabis Exhibit,” a curated showcase celebrating California’s cannabis industry. The exhibit will be held indoors at Expo Center Building 6 and highlight the history, craft, and story of California cannabis. Only adults aged 21 and older are allowed entry, and the consumption and sale of commercial cannabis products is prohibited.

For a sense of the vibe, check out 2022’s highlight video below!

Learn About the Plant

Upon entering the exhibit, attendees will encounter a grow chamber with living hemp plants, followed by informative graphics that provide insights into the biology of the plant, its relationship with humans, and key milestones in California’s cannabis history. Through 300 feet of cannabis education and infographics from content providers, including Cannigma, SC Labs, Origins Council, the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC), and others, visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the complex nature, chemistry, and regulation of the plant.

Celebrate Our Farmers

The centerpiece of the exhibit will showcase award-winning farmers, with their agricultural craft on display throughout the 17-day fair. This historic competition for California’s cannabis industry saw more than 250 flower entries evaluated in a science-based competition, resulting in 60 trophies and medals awarded. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about each award-winning cultivar, meet the farmers, and explore the various factors that contribute to earning the coveted title, “Best of California.”

Get Inspired

The California Cannabis Exhibit experience will include a presentation stage, a large film screen, and a lounge area where expert speakers, panels, and documentary films will delve into important themes within California cannabis. The exhibit stage will come alive on Saturdays and Sundays during the fair for discussions on topics such as legacy genetics, organic farming, minor cannabinoids, cooking with cannabis, and navigating the current legal landscape. Special days will also be dedicated to an award-winner ceremony (July 15), women’s-forward discussions about plant medicine and lifestyle (July 23), and veterans’ experiences (July 27).

Shop & Talk

A rotating marketplace will feature booths from leading cannabis and hemp brands, retailers, farmers, and industry associations, offering a chance for attendees to shop and engage in insightful conversations. Hemp CBD beverages will be for sale, including special edition slushies, coffee, and iced tea featuring terpene toppers. And of course, attendees will exit through the gift shop, filled with limited edition souvenirs.

Stage Schedule

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