Etienne Fontan

Vice President, Berkeley Patients Group

Combat veteran and patient advocate of 30 years with extensive cannabis knowledge from seed to science and an established pioneer in the medical cannabis community. Currently working on cannabis policy at an international and national level to move cannabis and mankind forward together. A passionate cannabinerd that longs to see cannabis re-established in our society and has worked at it for decades. 

Get to know Etienne

Q: What excites you about cannabis being added to the annual competitions at the California State Fair?

A: To see CA’s largest cash crop come out of the darkness and have a light shine on it. CA cannabis is known the world around for decades as some of/if not THE best cannabis in the world. The best growers, seed makers, geneticists, get a chance to showcase their talents where they rightfully along the other crops of CA. We’ve worked tirelessly for decades to reach this culmination where the reputation from the underground gets to climb into the spotlight and take it’s proper bow. It will do wonders for the industry medically and for adult use.

Q: What do you think makes the California cannabis landscape/industry unique?

A: There is a reason CA cannabis is known as the best in the world. The terroir of CA is unique all over this vast state and it’s an established part of why CA cannabis is viewed as the world. It’s literally in the ground, the soil, active and alive combined with the unique cannabis genetics bring forth a plethora of tastes and sensations you won’t find anywhere else. It is part of the landscape of CA and it deserves it’s time to shine along with the other cash crops that CA benefits from as a whole.

Q: What’s ONE thing you wish more people knew about cannabis?

A: The heartiness of this plant as it’s grown in CA. When grown properly it can rival many crops for its diversity and its abundance. This plant can be grown in every corner of this state vigorously and veratiously as we’ve seen it tried to be eradicated from the state only to come back stronger and maintain its foothold as the cash crop it is and that it can now be allowed to flourish.