Barbie Sommars

Founder & Chief Experience Creator, High Dining
I sought natural treatments for chronic pain in my mid-30’s and found cannabis. From patient, to activist, to educator, along the way, I’ve found so much more. This miracle plant inspires me to blend creativity with fine food and flower in the form of High Dining, where we take fine dining to new heights and infuse our experiences with cannabis and education.

Get to know Barbie

Q: What excites you about cannabis being added to the annual competitions at the California State Fair?

A: I’m most excited about the normalization of cannabis, which continues to be a goal of my activism. California is known for it’s agriculture and now cannabis can be included in this conversation.

Q: What do you think makes the California cannabis landscape/industry unique?

A: Our climate offers great outdoor conditions, where cannabis can express itself naturally. I love how cultivars can vary by growing region. Emerald Triangle grown cannabis is my favorite and is what I typically feature in High Dining productions

Q: What’s ONE thing you wish more people knew about cannabis?

A: That it’s a superfood and is very nutritious for you when consumed in raw form (which isn’t psychotropic). It’s not always about the high; it’s about health too!