Award Winners.

Congratulations to our 2023 Award Winners!

With over 250 submissions representing some of the finest cannabis and cultivators throughout California, we are proud to present the 2023 CA State Fair Cannabis Award Winners in Silver, Gold, and the Golden Bear trophies 

Once again, the 2023 science-based competition evaluated flower only across three divisions: Indoor, Outdoor, and Mixed Light; and in eleven categories per division: three primary cannabinoids, six terpenes, one co-dominant terpene profile, and total terpene content.

Each submission was tested by SC Labs to the highest standards, which generated a PhytoFacts® chemometric report that verified the results by division and category. Medals were awarded based on terpene or cannabinoid abundance in each of the eleven categories. Terpene winners were further evaluated by category by considering the ratio of each terpene against the overall terpene concentration in each submission. This ensured that each flower was properly classified and true to its unique makeup.

Golden Bear trophies (also known as “Best of California” trophies per CA State Fair tradition) were awarded to the top Gold Medalists from each Category, across the entire competition. These are our all-around winners. 

Best of California

DivisionFarmCultivarAward CategoryPhytoFacts ReportGrown In
IndoorMercy GrownJohn LemmonTHCa View ResultsCotati
OutdoorHeartrock Mountain FarmLove and LaughterCBDaView ResultsMendocino County
IndoorNimbus CannabisPrismCBGaView ResultsSacramento
IndoorMercy GrownPie ScreamMyrcene View ResultsCotati
IndoorMOCA HumboldtCaffeine LimoneneView ResultsEureka
OutdoorEsensiaMaracuyaTerpinolene View ResultsHopland
OutdoorTalking Trees FarmsRainbow BeltzCaryophyllene View ResultsHumboldt
IndoorHigh Grade FarmsGrape GushersCo-Dominant Terpene (MCL)View ResultsSacramento
OutdoorFarmer & the Felon by Hogwash PharmsGrape Ape Pinene View ResultsHumboldt County
OutdoorGreenshock Farms Passion Orange GuavaOcimene View ResultsWillits
IndoorMercy GrownPie ScreamTotal Terpene ContentView ResultsCotati


AwardFarmCultivarAward CategoryPhytoFacts ReportGrown In
GoldHappy Day FarmsStrawberry Biscotti THCaView ResultsLaytonville
GoldHeartrock Mountain FarmLove and LaughterCBDaView ResultsMendocino County
GoldOrganic MedicinalsJelmintsCo-Dominant Terpene (MCL)View ResultsHumboldt County
GoldEsensiaPixie DustMyrceneView ResultsHopland
GoldTalking Trees FarmsRainbow BeltzCaryophyllene View ResultsHumboldt
GoldMartyjuanaSupreme Gelato LimoneneView ResultsCovelo
GoldFarmer & the Felon by Hogwash PharmsGrape ApePineneView ResultsHumboldt County
GoldGreenshock Farms Passion Orange GuavaOcimeneView ResultsWillits
GoldEsensiaMaracuyaTerpinolene View ResultsHopland
GoldFarmer & the Felon x Molecular Genetics Crushed IceTotal Terpene ContentView ResultsSonoma County
SilverSonoma Hills Farm GlitterbombTHCaView ResultsSonoma County
SilverSonoma Hills FarmGush Mints 1:1CBDaView ResultsSonoma County
SilverSavage Farms Slurty 3Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL)View ResultsHumboldt County
SilverFarmer & the Felon by Soma Rosa FarmsGrape SorbetMyrceneView ResultsSonoma County
SilverNaughty Squirrel FarmsDirty SkittlesCaryophyllene View ResultsLake County
SilverLake's OwnBiscottiLimoneneView ResultsLake County
SilverFarmer & the Felon by Soma Rosa FarmsBlue Dream x Key Lime PiePinene View ResultsLake County
SilverGreenshock Farms Tropical Sleigh RideOcimeneView ResultsWillits
SilverEsensiaRose PetalTerpinolene View ResultsHopland
SilverEsensiaRose PetalTotal Terpene ContentView ResultsHopland
Unique - GoldEmerald Spirit Botanicals Pink Boost GoddessUnique - THCVView ResultsMendocino County


AwardFarmCultivarAward CategoryPhytoFacts ReportGrown In
GoldMercy Grown John Lemmon THCa View ResultsCotati
GoldNimbus CannabisPrismCBGaView ResultsSacramento
GoldHigh Grade FarmsGrape GushersCo-Dominant Terpene (MCL)View ResultsSacramento
GoldMercy Grown Pie ScreamMyrcene View ResultsCotati
GoldMOCA HumboldtZkittlezCaryophyllene View ResultsEureka
GoldMOCA HumboldtCaffeine LimoneneView ResultsEureka
GoldNimbus CannabisPrismOcimeneView ResultsSacramento
GoldMOCA HumboldtSuper Lemon MacTerpinolene View ResultsEureka
GoldMercy Grown Pie ScreamTotal Terpene ContentView ResultsCotati
SilverFlawless Cananbis PhatburgerTHCa View ResultsSacramento
SilverMOCA HumboldtGrape CookiesCBGaView ResultsEureka
SilverFlawless Cananbis PhatburgerCo-Dominant Terpene (MCL)View ResultsSacramento
SilverMOCA HumboldtApples & BananasMyrceneView ResultsEureka
SilverMercy Grown Sherbcrasher GMOCaryophyllene View ResultsCotati
SilverMoon Valley CannabisCandy RainLimoneneView ResultsSanta Rosa
SilverNorthern EmeraldsDurban PoisonTerpinolene View ResultsHumboldt
SilverWood WideDutch TreatOcimeneView ResultsFort Bragg
SilverMOCA HumboldtCaffeine Total Terpene ContentView ResultsEureka

Mixed Light

AwardFarmCultivarAward CategoryPhytoFacts ReportGrown In
GoldStardusted FarmsLemon Bars THCaView ResultsNevada City
GoldGlass House FarmsJelly Fish CBDaView ResultsCamarillo
GoldSol Spirit FarmElement Co-Dominant Terpene (MCL)View ResultsTrinity County
GoldTalking Trees FarmsMacalato MyrceneView ResultsHumboldt County
GoldHarborside FarmsCherry DosidoCaryophyllene View ResultsSalinas
GoldStardusted Farms Lemon Bars Limonene View ResultsNevada City
GoldFamily First FarmsBlack Apple KushOcimeneView ResultsCovelo, Mendocino County
GoldHigher Heights Mendo Crumble Total Terpene ContentView ResultsComptche, Mendocino County
SilverHarborside FarmsGlitter BombTHCaView ResultsSalinas
SilverFoothill River FarmsCBD Gush MintsCBDaView ResultsNevada City
SilverTrue Mom & Pop Banana PancakesCo-Dominant Terpene (MCL)View ResultsBridgeville, Humboldt County
SilverHigher Heights Mendo Crumble MyrceneView ResultsComptche, Mendocino County
SilverHigher HeightsMendo Crumble Caryophyllene View ResultsComptche, Mendocino County
SilverNorthern Emeralds Legendary OMGLimoneneView ResultsHumboldt
SilverSol Spirit Farm Element Total Terpene ContentView ResultsTrinity County