I am a social scientist who has been studying the relationship between cannabis, people and society for over 20 years. I am also a home cultivator and I recently launched Personal Plants, The Food Network for cannabis, mushrooms and everything in between!

Get to know Amanda

Q: What excites you about cannabis being added to the annual competitions at the California State Fair?

A: Not only is cannabis agriculture, but it is one of the most important crops to the state of California. Because of prohibition, many people have never been able to experience cannabis as a live plant. I am thrilled they will have this chance!

Q: What do you think makes the California cannabis landscape/industry unique?

A: The culture. Laws are changing in many states, but the legacy of cannabis in California spans decades and is very much a part of our historical fabric.

Q: What’s ONE thing you wish more people knew about cannabis?

A: That the best cannabis is grown outside, in the sun with full exposure to the elements.