2022 Speakers

Exhibit Speaker Series: Nugs of Wisdom

As part of the CA Cannabis Exhibit, over 50 expert speakers graced the stage and enlightened fairgoers on a wide variety of cannabis-related topics. Below is a sampling of the talks, panels, and presentations from the second and third weekends of the 2022 fair. 

Special thanks to Angel Preciado for these videos!

The Cannabis Trail

Discover the California Cannabis Trail with Brian Applegarth

Cannabis Pride

Terrence Alan & Brian Applegarth discuss LGBTQ History of Cannabis in California


Honoring the life of dennis peron with John Entwistle Jr.

Cannabis Experience for older women

How Older Women Navigate the Cannabis Experience

Cannabis Use in motherhood

Cannabis Use Through All Stages of Motherhood

Cannabis & Cancer

Wendy Read & Suzi Kissinger on Managing Cancer Treatment Side Effects with Cannabis

Meditation Session

Swami leads a Meditation Session in the Cannabis Exhibit

California Sungrown Cannabis

The Craft of California Sungrown Cannabis

CA Norml Panel

The Past, Present, and Future of Cannabis Reform in California

The HIppie Trail

Storytime! Traveling the Hippie Trail with Nikki & Swami

Ancient Cannabis History

Wendy Read on Ancient Cannabis History & Consciousness

Watering Techniques

Ed Rosenthal on Wick Watering Techniques