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Top 5 Cannabis Myths

1. Cannabis Kills Your Brain Cells

The most popular myth of them all is, Cannabis kills brain cells. The answer is simple,scientists aren’t fully aware of exactly what the relationship between marijuana and the brain is in the long term.
Studies, primarily in animals, show that when people have exposure to THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, it can cause changes in cognition and memory later on in life. Please note that the studies covered mainly consider the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on the brain.

2. Cannabis is a ‘Gateway’ Drug

The gateway theory argues that cannabis use leads to the subsequent use and misuse of other “harder” drugs, which may include opioids, such as heroin, or stimulants, such as cocaine.
Research suggests that people are more likely to use cannabis before using other drugs, while other studies indicate those who use cannabis have a higher risk of going on to misuse other drugs.

3. Cannabis Causes Cancer

According to the CDC, research is needed to understand the effects marijuana might have on lung and other respiratory cancers. However, limited evidence of an association between current, frequent, or chronic marijuana smoking and testicular cancer (non-seminoma-type) has been documented.
Because marijuana can be used in different ways, with different levels of active compounds, it can affect each person differently. More research is needed to understand the full impact of marijuana use on cancer.

4. Consuming Cannabis Leads to Crime and Delinquency

For years, people have argued that cannabis use during adolescence can have adverse long-term consequences, with serious criminal involvement being one of them. In addition to emotional regulation, problems in neurocognitive functioning and academic achievement have been associated with early cannabis use raising the yearly percentage of high school dropouts. Due to poorer education and lack of job opportunities, these individuals find themselves involved in a life of crime and delinquency to make ends meet.
Crimes and drugs are rarely related to each other in occasional or experimental drug users, while long-term drug use promotes criminality. The link between cannabis use and crime mainly constitutes drug-related criminality and is weaker for offenses such as assault and theft.

5. Cannabis Will Make You Lazy

The most common stereotype is “The lazy stoner” Cannabis affects everyone differently as we have unique body chemistries. For some individuals It may temporarily lower their motivation or make them feel lazy, some might
have to fight off the munchies, and others will have bursts of energy.

A University of Colorado study, published in the medical journal Frontiers in Public Health, focused on cannabis use in the context of physical exercise. Researchers found that most of their subjects felt increased motivation and enjoyed working out more after smoking cannabis — so much so that many reported an increase in overall exercise and along with improved recovery times. In fact, some cannabis patients are using the herb to treat depression.

If you’re thinking about using Cannabis but are worried about becoming “lazy” or “unmotivated”, we recommend experimenting with different dosages.

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