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Top 5 Cannabis Brands For July 4th

Put some celebratory smoke in the air this 4th of July with these 5 Top Cannabis brands.
Enjoy the 4th of July responsibility with convenient cannabis delivery directly to your door. Our
goal is to deliver within 30 minutes or less, with our new satellite hub specifically for your local
area. Click here to place your order.

Friendly Farms

Friendly Farms cured resin cartridges are crafted from cured cannabis flowers grown by
industryleading cultivators from California. They NEVER filter or use additives in their
oil because we believe in the most natural representation of each strain’s unique flavors
and effects. That’s the True Spectrum™ difference.

We recommend Black Runtz a variation on the classic Runtz strain, a California
mainstay, pretty much cannabis royalty at this point. This hybrid is a combination of
Zkittlez and Gelato strains so you can imagine that it brings fruit and sour berry flavors
to the table every time.


Kanha gummies are made with allnatural ingredients, coloring, and flavoring. Each
gummy is infused with the highest quality cannabis oils to provide the most consistent,
safe experience on the market.

We recommend
Kanha Cherry Sativa Gummies These gummies are juicy, sweet, and
made with Sativa terpenes. At 100mg, each gummy is 10mg. Enjoy responsibl

Blue Chip

A Purple Lotus staple. Blue Chip is made for true cannabis connoisseurs that appreciate top
quality flowers. Their highend strains test at high THC percentages ranging from 24% 30%.
Pull up to this weekend gathering with beautiful frostycovered nugs your buds will surely drool

We recommend Blue Chip Peanut Butter Mintz a unique cross between the Kush Mintz
and the Peanut Butter Breath strains. This strain is known for its robust minty taste and
its potent effects at THC 29.26%.

If you’re looking for a strain that will give you a strong mental high, Blue Chip Peanut
Butter Mintz is worth checking out

Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters Infused PreRolls are made for those who want a little something extra.
Each premium preroll is all nugs and no shake, with an infused concentrate that
amplifies the already topshelf high that you can expect from Heavy Hitters. Light up,
and enjoy your favorite strain like it was your first time again.

We recommend
Animal Cream Cake a tasty combination of two sweet evening
companions, and it takes the best of both worlds from its Animal Mint and Ice Cream
Cake ancestors: happy relaxation, and eventual couchlock bliss. Animal Cream Cake is
known to boost your appetite, perfect for your 4th of July bbq.


Select Elite Live combines the same quality oil you’ve come to know from Select, now
infused with freshly harvested live resin terpenes. The combination results high quality,
high potency oil with a wide variety of strainspecific flavor and effects so sativas feel
more stimulating and indicas more sleepy. Now that’s better.

We recommend
Napali Sunshine A Sativa offspring of OG Kush and landrace Nepali
strains, this strain originates in the mountain ranges of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and

Nepal. At 81.00% THC, this vape will have you in a euphoric state and enhance any
firework experience.

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