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Outdoor, Indoor, And Mixed Light Cannabis

When it comes to growing cannabis, there are three main methods: indoor, sun-grown with light deprivation (mixed light), and full-term sun-grown (outdoor).
Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to consumer preference and the desired experience.
What are the differences between Outdoor, Indoor, and Mixed Light Cannabis growing techniques?


Growing cannabis indoors gives growers complete control of the entire production process like room temperature and airflow Indoor Cannabis can be produced year-round, regardless of season and weather temperatures.

Mixed Light

The second method of growing cannabis is sun-grown with light deprivation, also known as greenhouse or mixed light. Light deprivation allows growers to block out the sun with tarps, helping plants to flower faster. This greenhouse method has less of an impact on the earth’s natural resources. Sun-grown cannabis takes a lot less energy than using lights and fans to power indoor growing, promoting sustainability by leaving a smaller ecological footprint. Like any other method, mixed light cannabis has its disadvantages. Growers have to work around the climate season limiting when they can grow.


Year-round outdoor growing is the most natural and affordable way to grow cannabis. No lights and no fans and no tarps are required, only tents, sunlight, and soil. The disadvantage of this method is that plants are exposed to the elements such as environment, temperature, and predators. This could have a calamitous effect on the quality of the flower.

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