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How To Purchase Cannabis

Every day hundreds of individuals walk into a cannabis dispensary for the first time. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous the first time you visit a dispensary, don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’re here to help make your first time as pleasant as possible.
There are a few items you’re required to bring, like cash and a valid ID, but there’s also a shared etiquette to understand before visiting a dispensary. In this article, we’ll explain how to buy weed at a dispensary by discussing what you should bring and the way most customers behave once inside.

What Is a Cannabis Dispensary?

If cannabis is legal now, why can’t you buy it at the drugstore or while grocery shopping? Many states have legalized it over the last six years, but the federal government still considers cannabis illegal.
Current federal laws ban cannabis from being prescribed or filled at pharmacies like CVS or Walgreens. As a result, independent stores called dispensaries were opened to service customers seeking medical or recreational cannabis.
While most dispensaries can serve both kinds of customers — medical and recreational — generally there are differences between the two operations.
A medical dispensary is usually regulated and taxed differently by the state government. They’ll ask customers to keep their cannabis recommendation or medical marijuana card on file. The recreational or “adult-use” dispensary is more modern and laid back. Customers get a menu to choose from and can chat about selections with experienced budtenders. State laws may differ but most dispensaries require customers to be 21 or older.

How to Purchase Cannabis: What

Should I Bring? ( this is where we add a hyperlink – “view entire product menu” ) Make sure you’re prepared before visiting a dispensary for the first time. The California Department of Public Health’s Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program is voluntary but is used by many patients and caregivers.
With this card, you save on the overall cost of your purchase, state taxes, and you have access to more potent forms of cannabis. If buying medical cannabis, also bring your physician’s recommendation with you.As we stated earlier, most dispensaries require you to be 21. You must bring a current and valid ID to even get through the door.

What Do They Have at Cannabis

Dispensaries?- Purple lotus menu Dispensaries are not head-shops or fronts. They’re legitimate businesses with large inventories of high-quality products. There are more choices than you ever expected.
Licensed cannabis dispensaries like Purple Lotus and Cookies sell dozens of strains. Forty One, for example, is a indica hybrid strain that is high in THc and offers a heavy, relaxing body high without clouding the mind.
This is where your physician’s recommendation comes in handy. If they’re recommending a certain strain for anxiety or depression, for example, a dispensary staff can help you find it.( Link here to pre filtered budtender recommendation menu or click here for free consultation.
Next, you’ll decide how you want to consume it in the comfort of your own home. You can purchase cannabis flowers and use them as you please. You can roll it into a joint, smoke it out of a bong or pipe, or even infuse it in your food. Another great alternative to flowers is vape cartridges, edibles, and tinctures.

Tips for the Best Dispensary

Experience After a few visits you’ll be a dispensary expert, but in the meantime, here are a few tips to make your first experience the best it can be. Check out The Top 5 Dispensaries in the Bay Area, Besides having your ID, cash, and relevant paperwork on hand, here are some

other ways to behave like a regular:
● Ask your budtender questions because they’ve likely tried every strain
in the store
● Don’t use products in the store, it’s illegal and rude
● Have a general idea of what you want before arriving to save time –
Purple Lotus Menu
● The most important thing you can do is have an open mind and try to
learn as much as possible.
● Tip your budtender if they went above and beyond to help you
It’s a good idea to start developing a relationship with your budtenders. As they get to know you, they’ll be able to make future recommendations. They’ll become your new best friends!

Ready to Visit Your First

Follow our tips and the budtenders won’t even know it’s your first time. If you live around San Jose, drop into the Purple Lotus to browse our selection of over 100 strains of the Bay Area’s most exotic Cannabis.
Our full menu is available online for order or delivery to save you time and money.
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Our staff is dedicated to personalizing your experience and helping you leave with the best product for your needs.

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