CA State Fair Cannabis Awards

Cannabis Competition and Awards Return to CA State Fair for 2023

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SACRAMENTO, Calif., (December 6, 2022) – The CA State Fair today announced the second annual, state-agency sanctioned cannabis competition is set to take place in conjunction with the 2023 CA State Fair. Following the first year’s success, cannabis will once again be celebrated alongside California’s rich agricultural industries on the official state fair roster including wine, craft beer, olive oil and cheese. The CA State Fair Cannabis Awards and Exhibit will be on display at the CA State Fair  from July 14-30, 2023, at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento, California.


“The 2022 Cannabis Awards and Exhibit were an overwhelming success for Cal Expo and the State Fair, and the 2023 edition promises to be even better,” Cal Expo Board of Directors Chairman Jess Durfee. “We are here to support and celebrate the best of California, and we are always looking for new programming to inspire and delight our guests for the 17 days of the CA State Fair.”


California and cannabis have been culturally intertwined for decades.  From the Beatnik era to the Summer of Love, the War on Drugs to the medicinal impact of cannabis during the AIDS epidemic, California has always been at the center of the cannabis conversation.  In 2018, cannabis became legal for adult recreational use in the State of California, and since that time has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry. California leads the nation in cannabis cultivation, craft and genetics, and these Awards are a celebration and recognition of those deep agricultural roots. 

The Cannabis Competition and Awards have been developed in partnership between the California Exhibition & State Fair and Cultivar Events, a California-based marketing and events agency who specializes in the creation of programs that continue to move cannabis into the mainstream.

“Cultivar Events Is thrilled to be part of this historic moment for the cannabis industry,” said Cultivar Events CEO James Leitz. “We are grateful for all the industry support from the participating farmers, sponsors, cannabis ambassadors and the 85,000 fairgoers who enjoyed the inaugural California Cannabis Exhibit.” 


The competition is open to all licensed cannabis growers in California. Entrants will be classified into three primary divisions for submission by light source: Indoor, Mixed Light and Outdoor. The competition will award medals for the cannabis flower only, showcasing the primary cannabinoids and terpenes expressed in the cannabis flower. Eight individual cannabis plant compounds will be tested and identified for awards, including five terpenes and three cannabinoids, as well as a co-dominant terpene profile and overall terpene abundance. More than 60 silver, gold, and double gold medals will be awarded including 11 coveted Golden Bear trophies for the “Best of California.”


“Greenshock Farms is honored to have been a participant and double Golden Bear Winner at the first-ever CA State Fair Cannabis Awards,” said Greenshock Farms Founder and CEO Mark Greyshock. “We are excited for the opportunity to defend our titles and represent our legacy region, with its unique terroir and show the world just how good California’s sun grown flower can be.”


Once again, the competition will be scored objectively, through science-based analysis performed and certified by SC Labs, California’s premier cannabis and hemp testing lab. All entrants will receive an in-depth PhytoFacts® chemometric report that will identify the unique compounds of cannabis flower submissions to determine the award winners.


The submission window will be open January 10, 2023 through May 19, 2023. Award winners will be announced in June of 2023. For more information on the CA Cannabis Competition and Awards, visit


About the CA State Fair

The CA State Fair is an international award-winning fair, receiving top honors at the International Association of Fairs and Expositions out of more than 1,100 fairs worldwide. The CA State Fair is dedicated as a place to celebrate the best the state has to offer in agriculture, technology, and the diversity of its people, traditions, and trends that shape the Golden State’s future.


About Cultivar Events

Cultivar Events is a strategic marketing and events agency, who specializes in the creation of programs that continue to move cannabis into the mainstream. With years of event development and production experience, Cultivar Events fosters deep relationships within the cannabis and hemp industries, offering our partners decades of campaign development and event management expertise.


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