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Brand Highlight: Autumn Brands

Top-Quality Pesticide-Free Cannabis

Autumn Brands was formed by the passion and knowledge of two families that focus on wellness, balance and a higher self. Autumn Brands represents quality and consistency and ensures nothing but the best for every product that reaches you.

We all lead busy lives and need to counteract daily stress by eating mindfully, exercising wisely and reflecting on our choices. So, whether you’re the creative type, need to relax, or go out and unwind, Autumn Brands products can aid you in reaching a higher state of relief, tranquility, and entertainment while bringing balance to life.

Topicals: Locally crafted in small batches, Autumn Brands Produces through an innovative, non-volatile cold extraction process developed by the sophisticated Italian perfume industry and only available in Santa Barbara County.

This method captures the distinctive terroir and delicate attributes of each sun-grown strain in a process so gentle, it doesn’t need further refining, distilling, dewaxing, or winterization. The end result is a mirror image profile of the source plant material, including the entourage of healing phytochemicals (terpenes, esters, phenolic compounds, etc) to help rejuvenate and repair.
We recommend: Nourishing Muscle & Joint Salve (400mg) – Anti-inflammatory CBD pairs with transdermal magnesium and soothing arnica to reduce swelling, irritation, and bruising, while THC offers targeted pain relief. Rich mineral magnesium also naturally helps to calm muscles, relieving stress for an improved sense of calm and rest. A special selection of cocoa butter, coconut, and castor oil soothes and rejuvenates skin. A proprietary blend of essential oils from
Carpinteria’s The Grapeseed Company offers a light and refreshing scent to uplift and provide aroma therapeutic benefits.

Elixir: Control your dose, down to the drop with this fast acting and discrete, full- spectrum pure cannabis elixir. Use 1-2 drops under your tongue and hold in your mouth for 15 seconds or choose your desired amount to put into your favorite beverage or prepared foods to feel the potent psychoactive mind and body high. Allow 30-60 minutes to feel the full effects. Shake well before use.

We recommend: Warrior Elixir [30ml] (1000mg) – The Santa Barbara County estate- grown Warrior Elixir has the perfect dose blend of THC and THCa. It is infused with 100% full spectrum cannabis with 1000mg of THC. Each serving size (0.25ml/approximately five drops) has 8.33mg THC, providing the full- body rush of relaxing and long-lasting psychoactive effects. Ingredients include MCT Oil and High-Terpene Full Spectrum (HTFS)-Grade Cannabis Oil. The Warrior Elixir is made from our pesticide-free cannabis, has no added flavor or additives and is vegan/Non-GMO.

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