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Best Products for Nighttime Use

Nothing is worse than a restless night of sleep. From insomnia to PTSS, cannabis has helped alleviate pain and relax one’s mind. We recommend trying a dose of Indica, CBD, CBDa, or CBN.
Here are the top products that will help you stop counting sheep and start creating zzz’s.

LEVEL – Indica Protabs/Hashtabs

Experience relaxation at an entirely new level and slip into a restful night’s sleep with the LEVEL Protabs. Formulated by precisely combining highly functional cannabinoids, each powerful effects- based tablet will help you obtain the perfect night’s sleep within 30-90 minutes, with a duration of 3– 6 hours.
Don’t assume your normal edible dose is your Protab dose. Start with half or one, and then work up from there.
We recommend trying:

1. Level Indica (100mg) ProTab Tablets –

Each pack contains one 100 mg professional-strength swallowable tablet
that will help you kick back, relax, and even settle in for a good night’s sleep.
Recommended for consumers with high tolerance. Should you wish to consume a lighter dose, they’re scored so you can easily split one in half.
Indica ProTab Tablets are also available in a convenient affordable 4 pack. Each extra-strength swallowable tablet contains 25 mg of THC

2. Level Hashtab (100mg) Tablets – The

LEVEL Indica Hashtab 100 is also available in a single pack. Each pack contains one 100 mg professional- strength swallowable ice water hash tablet that takes effect in 30–90 minutes, with a duration of 3–6 hours.
Level Hashtab Indica [10pk] (250mg) Tablets – Ready to kick back, put your
feet up and just let the world go by for a little while? Then you’re ready to enjoy
an Indica Hashtab. Each swallowable tablet contains 25 mg of ice water hash
and takes effect in 30–90 minutes, with a duration of 3–6 hours.

3. Level Protab CBDa [10pk] (250mg) –
Experience a sense of relaxation and calm with the extra-strength, anxiety-
reducing, and sleep effects of our CBDa Protab.
CBDA is the unheated chemical precursor to CBD and is the form that the plant itself
produces. Some early research has shown that CBDA can absorb better than CBD when taken orally. 3
CBDA works even better and at lower amounts than CBD for pain and inflammation from physical activity, sleeplessness from aches, and discomfort and worry. It has also been found to have potent anti-nausea effects, though these findings are mainly from animal studies.

Wyld – CBD/CBN gummies

Want a great night’s rest? Wyld’s gummies support a restful nighttime experience with THC + CBD + CBN.
CBN (Cannabinol) is a cannabinoid, which is a compound found in the Cannabis plant, just like CBD is. However, CBN offers many alternate benefits to CBD, such as greater sedation, especially when used in conjunction with other cannabinoids like THC.
We recommend trying:

1. Wyld Elderberry 2:1 CBN + Indica Enhanced Gummies | 100mg THC:50mg CBN – The

sedating effects of CBN in combination with THC alongside terpenes found in Indica strains may provide greater sedation
than THC alone. This combination may be particularly useful when preparing for sleep.

2. Wyld Peach 2:1 CBD + Hybrid Enhanced Gummies | 100mg CBD:50mg THC –

New to edibles? Wyld Peach 2:1 CBD: THC gummies are made with more CBD than THC, making them a great option for easing into edibles. They are made with real fruit and enhanced with a balanced Hybrid terpene profile that may assist in creating a sense of ease and overall well-being.

3. Wyld Strawberry 20:1 CBD + Hybrid Enhanced Gummies (200mg CBD:10mg THC) –

Strawberry 20:1 CBD: THC gummies are made with real fruit, a Hybrid terpene blend, and enhanced with cannabis-derived CBD oil. Perfect for relaxing your body while keeping your mind sharp and alert. They are the go-to gummy if you are looking to decompress or take the edge off.


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