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Best Pre Rolls For The Summer

Summertime is here and the sun is shining bright. Whether you’re cooling off in the pool or taking a stroll through the park, this summer enhance your experiences with a Cannabis infused pre-roll.
An infused pre-roll or joint is a pre-made cannabis cigarette with hash added to it. Cannabis extracts can be internal, or external. The concentrate can be many different types—often bubble hash or wax.
Check out some of our favorite pre-roll brands for this season.

Bay Life

Always infused and never any trim or shake. Starting with fire buds from unique strains, Bay Life hand rolls their joints and infuses them with pure ice water bubble hash. Available strains: Purple Congo, Rascal OG, and Vanilla Cream Pie.


Premium indoor flower infused with cannabis oil & coated in kief. Jeeter wanted to bring something powerful to the table, their strongest joint. Averaging over 35% THC and available in multiple strains & sizes, this is the one Joint that will get you to Mars quicker than Elon Musk.
Available strains: Apple Fritter, Banana Kush, Bubble Gum, Blueberry Kush, Churros, Durban Poison, Horchata, Mai Tai, Papaya, Peach Ringz, Maui Wowie, and many more.

Blue Chip Packwood

Two grams of Premium Blue Chip Flower + Infused and Hand Rolled in Packwoods 100% Tobacco Free Packs Wrap.
Available strains: Forty-One, King Louis, and Peanut Butter Cup.

Heavy Hitters

Diamond harmonizes ULTRA premium flowers and ULTRA potent 98%+ THCA diamonds, providing a deep balanced body and a cloud of flavorful smoke. Diamond is the latest offering from the ULTRA, an elite collection that embodies the
core of Heavy Hitter’s brand principles: To create the purest, most potent cannabis products on the market.
Folded Tip, small batch, limited drops, hand-crafted, and ready-to-smoke.
Available strains: Raspberry Cough, Watermelon Punch, Gelato, Blue Sherbert, Black Cherry Gelato, and Banana Cream.

Sublime Fuzzies

Fuzzies pre-rolls are as potent as your soul, smooth as your style, and with consistently satisfying flavor. Dress it up with kief or go Naked and bare it all.
Lift off and get high with infused distillate, or feel smooth and taste the difference with live resin. Live your life King-sized or in Mini moments. Light up, inhale, feel Fuzzie.
Available strains: Super Silver Haze, Sativa, Indica, Grape Ape, and Watermelon Zkittles.

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