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Best Cannabis Products For Labor Day

Best Cannabis Products For Labor Day

BBQs, fireworks, and best of all — a three-day weekend!
This Labor Day don’t show up empty-handed or with a side of your mom’s potato salad. Instead show up with the goods people want, high-quality cannabis products.
We’ve hand-selected the best of the best for your family and friends, or a night of simply treating yourself.
Enjoy Labor Day responsibility with convenient cannabis delivery directly to your door. Our goal is to deliver within 30 minutes or less, with our new satellite hub specifically for your local area.

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Select offers a line of unique vape cartridges filled with oil derived from the finest flowers and encased in state-of-the-art hardware. Regardless of your level of tolerance or the occasion, Select has a vape cartridge that’s right for any gathering.
We recommend Northern Lights – also known as “NL,” is an indica cannabis strain made by crossing Afghani with Thai.
Northern Lights produce euphoric effects that settle in firmly throughout the body, relaxing muscles and easing the mind. Consumers say this strain has a pungently sweet and spicy flavor profile that is smooth on the exhale.


STIIIZY offers a line of premium cannabis products that have set a new industry standard for portability and convenience.
STIIIZY’s proprietary pod system has garnered a cult-like following since its launch and has emerged as a leading lifestyle brand in cannabis.
We recommend Pineapple Express – Pineapple Express is a Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Trainwreck with Hawaiian. High levels of THC mean that this plant will cause a quick, euphoric sensation.

Heavy Hitters

This Labor Day treat yourself with Heavy Hitters. Born in Los Angeles, Heavy Hitters isthe original high-potency concentrate company. Heavy Hitters prides itself on its patients, its brand ambassadors, and its relentless pursuit of quality.
We recommend Acapulco Gold – a rare Sativa cannabis strain. As one of the most well- known strains, Acapulco Gold has been likened to dinner at a five-star restaurant. This strain produces effects that are motivating and energizing.

Blue Chip

A Purple Lotus staple made exclusively for loyal connoisseurs. Founded in 2014, Blue Chip has grown to sell flowers, merchandise, and apparel.

We recommend Face On Fire – Fire OG x Face OFF OG. Fizzing euphoria goes straight to the head in an intensely psychoactive experience best reserved for veteran consumers. Its crushing full-body effects make this strain a great choice for consumers attending to physical discomfort or for relaxing on a lazy weekend.

Friendly Farms

Friendly Farms live resin cartridges are crafted from freshly harvested; flash-frozen cannabis flowers were grown by industry-leading cultivators to preserve the essence of the “living” plant.
We recommend Hella Jelly – Like a fruity tea, this sweet Sativa-leaning strain will perk you up and get you going and won’t weigh you down. With just a few tokes of Hella Jelly, you’ll be able to sail through your day with a newfound pep in your step and not a worry in sight. Marked by its fruity, candy-like flavor, this strain is an instant daytime classic.

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