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Best Affordable Flower

With inflation and the cost of living in California we understand not everyone can afford top shelf flowers.
At Purple Lotus, we make sure to stock our menu with brands for every price level. We have put together this list of the best affordable flowers to help narrow your choices next time you visit our dispensary.
Our knowledgeable staff specialists are always available to answer any questions you have.

Union Electric

At Union Electric, it’s straightforward: premium flower, fairly priced. From California’s top cultivators straight to the dispensary door, we’re committed to bringing you the freshest flower at great prices every single day.
Union Electric gives 2% of its profits back to the local communities that have embraced the legal cannabis industry.
Shop their popular strains including Chem Driver, GMO. Mimosa, Lava Cake, and Purple Punch.

Fields Family Farmz

Fields Family Farmz is a small boutique family owned cannabis cultivator, we produce small batches of high quality flower with the goal of bringing the consumer high potency and terpene rich cannabis at a reasonable price.
Shop their popular strains including Animal Mints, Berlatti, and Jealous Bananas.

High Supply

High Supply is quality weed that’s always available. Our buds are expertly grown, lab- tested and available in vape carts, vape pens, flower, popcorn, shake, pre-rolls, shorties and concentrates. Whether you’re a fan of sativa, indica or hybrid, you’ll always have weed on hand with High Supply.

Shop their popular strains including LA Kush Cake, Mothers Milk, Papaya, Peanut Butter
Breath, and Pineapple Express.

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